James E. Watson

Services We Offer

James E. Watson & Co. offers auto-ship of maintenance items at your specified intervals, repairs available at either of our Georgia locations, free technical telephone assessments, and custom design & building of chemical pumping systems.

Local Repair Services

James E. Watson & Co., is a Gast Manufacturing Certified Repair Center. We offer timely repairs for most makes and models of GAST pumps and compressors. Our service technicians are professionally trained and authorized to maintain and service Gast pump products for warranty and non-warranty repairs. Customers can benefit from an increased level of OEM spares in the region and in some cases, be able to take advantage of loan equipment while systems are being serviced or repaired. We service the Atlanta, Georgia, metro area. Call 877-871-7677 for more information.


Auto-Ship of Maintenance Kits & Parts

Many manufacturers publish a recommended maintenance schedule for their equipment. Auto-ship is the easy way to maintain your equipment and avoid future costly repairs. James E. Watson & Co. will auto-ship the pumps, kits, and accessories you need directly to your location at the recommended intervals–without your having to remember to order! Discounts are available on most auto-shipped items. Call 877-871-7677 to sign-up for Auto-Ship today!


Custom Design Services

James E. Watson & Co. offers custom design and build services for chemical pumping systems, vacuum vapor recovery systems, and regenerative, refrigerated, and desiccant dried compressed air systems. We can also order and assemble parts into a single custom value-added part number for ease of ordering. Contact RJ or Bill at 770-422-1155 for more information.

Maintenance Reminders 

Call 877-871-7677 to receive email reminders for maintenance tasks based on time of order and type of product. Installation instructions included, where applicable.

FREE Expert Advice 

Our trained, seasoned staff offers FREE telephone consultation during regular weekday business hours. Call toll free at 877-871-7677.

FRL Pricing 

We offer considerable discounts over list on FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) packages–particularly when purchased with a pump.