Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Supplier in Atlanta, GA

Want an economical, robust, quiet, and low-maintenance vacuum pump for your industrial application? James E. Watson & Co. offers quality liquid ring vacuum pumps. We are happy to service the larger Atlanta, GA, area.

Why Choose Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps?

These pumps are quality products to have in your industrial processes. Discover why you should invest in liquid ring vacuum pumps:

  • They’ require no lubrication: Because there is no metal-to-metal contact, liquid ring pumps require no regular lubrication.
  • They’re ideal for a variety of applications: Liquid ring vacuum pumps can be employed for vacuum as well as compression jobs, which makes them popular across various industries. The pump uses its impeller to compress the gas. These pumps can be employed for applications such as vacuum distillation, moisture extraction, vacuum condensation, air or ash handling, evaporation, mineral beneficiation, and for separating water from paper pulp.
  • They’re suited for various types of fluids and explosive gases: These pumps are designed to handle a variety of fluids. Made of durable materials, these pumps are also designed to withstand combustible vapors or gases without affecting their performance. The gases in the cavity of the pump are compressed at the same temperature. Thus, the pump is capable of pumping explosive and flammable gases.
  • They’re quiet: Most liquid ring pumps operate at speeds of 1,800 RPM or less. For this reason, and because the pumps have no metal-to-metal contact, they are exceptionally quiet.
  • They’re low-maintenance: Unlike other mechanical pumps, these pumps are driven by liquid ring technology and have only one rotating part – the impeller. This reduces the need for regular maintenance.
  • They’re eco-friendly: These pumps do not require an oil change, filter, oil-pans, or condenser. For that reason, plant rooms run clean and free of oil contamination and oil discharges to sewers or groundwater.
  • They’re compact and durable: With space constraints becoming a big issue, these pumps are available in compact designs.

Whatever reason you want a liquid ring vacuum pump for, depend on James E. Watson & Co. for quality products for your specific industrial needs.

How Can We Help?

We are available to help you choose the right liquid ring vacuum pumps. We also will auto ship maintenance kits and parts, provide repairs when necessary, and offer a huge inventory so you can have the right liquid ring vacuum pump you need.

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