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Industrial vacuum pumps are important for a variety of industries. From scientific research to industrial manufacturing, reliable industrial vacuum pump systems are the crux of all sorts of endeavors. Your operation is only as good as the equipment you use, so if your business is one that relies on industrial vacuum pumps, choose an industrial vacuum pump supplier that will deliver the best products on the market.
James E. Watson & Co. is your supplier for vacuum pump systems in Atlanta, GA. For years, we’ve worked hard to ensure that everyone has access to affordable equipment that they can count on. If you want equipment that will help you succeed, browse our selection today.
Uses for Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Our pumps are used in the following industries:

  • Automotive: Vacuums are required in the function of vehicles and in their production and maintenance. Cable pressure and automotive suspension systems are often maintained using vacuum systems, while auto detailing and tire inflation equipment use vacuum pumps to build pressure for their systems.
  • Medical: Vacuum pumps are used in a wide range of applications throughout the medical industry. Various types of ventilation equipment and oxygen concentrators use pumps for respiratory therapy applications. Surgical teams also use vacuum pumps to power various types of equipment and sterilization systems. Even medical pumps themselves, including breast pumps, and suction units, use vacuum pumps.
  • Dental: The dental industry commonly uses a range of vacuum pumps in various applications. Dental compressors and portable dental equipment often use vacuum pumps to build pressure in systems, while vacuum ovens are used to mold implants.
  • Environmental: Air sampling and soil aeration equipment both use vacuum pumps to power their processes. Vacuum pumps are also an essential part of any air supply system or sewage aeration system.
  • Food and beverage: Food processing and water purification systems often use vacuums as part of their processes. From aeration and mixing to packaging, vacuums are used throughout this industry.
  • Agricultural: The Agriculture industry often uses vacuum pumps in the development and application of agricultural sprays. Pest control equipment and crop sprayers are often powered by vacuum pumps. Milking equipment also uses vacuum pumps.
  • Electronics: Many electronics require vacuums to function. The most common example is the electric lamp — light bulbs require a vacuum in order to function, so a vacuum pump is needed to take gas from the bulb. Semiconductor production also requires the use of vacuums.
  • Arts and printing: Airbrushes, ink-jet printers, framing equipment, and other staples of the printing arts are powered by vacuum pumps.

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