Since the introduction of the first compressor in 1958, JUN-AIR has become a leading supplier of quiet air compressors used in laboratories, dental clinics, medical, beverage, graphic, and industrial applications worldwide. Their range of products offers environmental benefits such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through reduced energy consumption, resulting in the most energy-efficient compressors on the market.
Clean Air Oil-less Piston and Rocking Piston Compressors Air

New generation of oil-less piston and oil-less rocking piston compressors with few moving parts reduces noise and vibrations as well as wear and tear. The reduced noise and vibration level makes it possible to place the compressor directly at the place of use. The noise level is approx. 65 dB(A). The oil-less rocking piston compressors are ideal for laboratory, medical, dental, gas generation, beverage dispensing, and other applications where noise and long life are key requirements.

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iSeries (Oil-less)

The JUN-AIR iSeries a logical choice wherever an efficient yet economical oil-less compressor is required. Compact and sturdy, these compressors are constructed with fewer moving parts to reduce wear and provide maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

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Quiet Air Lubricated Compressors

The “original” quiet compressor with a noise level below 45 dB(A), the JUN-AIR oil-lubricated compressor, is the lifeline of dental surgeries worldwide. Many units are still in operation after 25 years-a testament to the quality and reliability of JUN-AIR compressors.

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Quiet Air Model 4 Lubricated Compressors

Quiet Air 4 motor models are ultra-quiet, compact, and easy to operate. Offered in combination with five different receiver sizes from 4L to 150L to create a wide range of complete compressor offerings.

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Oil-less Vacuum Pumps

When a reliable vacuum source is needed, JUN-AIR offers two alternatives: the oil-less vacuum pumps V1000 and V2000 or the new OF300 series – OF301V and OF302V.

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OF 300 Series Oil-less Rocking Piston  Info

Oil-less Piston and Rocking Piston Compressors with Dryers

To ensure both Oil-less piston and rocking piston compressors available with adsorption air dryers, membrane dryers, and dryer/filter combinations. Designed for continuous operation.

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Oil-less Piston and Rocking Piston Clean Air Cabinets

The oil-less and rocking piston JUN-AIR compressors are available in protective clean air cabinets. The cabinets reduce the sound emission from the already quiet oil-free compressor to a level that is approximately one third of the level of basic compressors.

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Filters, Regulators, and Automatic Drains

Filters, combination filters, automatic drains to comply with user requirements resulting in increased user satisfaction and efficiency.

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DC Oil-less Piston and Rocking Piston Compressors

Selected oil-less models are available in DC version enabling users to benefit from traditional JUN-AIR trademarks such as low noise level and minimal vibrations. These compact and quiet compressors are suitable for various applications, including advanced control equipment, military vehicles, trams, trains, emergency vehicles, and mobile/remote medical and dental equipment. The DC units are not available from stock. Contact us for more information.

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