Arrow Pneumatics has been servicing customers for 100 years and since 1947 has served a wide range of industries that require dry clean air, including aerospace, automotive, government, food and beverage, dental, industrial, fluid power, and medical. Their line of air preparation products includes filters, regulators, lubricators, desiccant products, in addition to a complete line of sinter bronze filters and elements.

Absorber, coalescing, oil removing, and particulate filters with elements made of sintered bronze that will stand up to high cycle flows and unknown synthetic oils.

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Lubricators for adding lubricating oil in aerosol form into the compressed air line. Air passing through the lubricator transports the lubricant to air tools, cylinders, or other air driven devices where the lubricant is deposited on moving and sliding surfaces to reduce friction and wear. Arrow offers four distinct types: Miniature, Arrowfog, Ultrafog, Wick Style.

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Miniature Series high performance, low cost, regulators for the OEM market and low flow applications up to 25 scfm.

Tri-Star Series compact, lightweight regulators engineered for superior performance in a wide range of applications where air flow does not exceed 100 scfm.

Midflow Series compact regulators available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” with air flows exceeding 200 scfm.

High Flow Series heavy duty regulators for rigorous applications requiring constant pressure for flows up to 700 scfm.

General Purpose Precision Series regulators for precision control in critical tolerance applications.

All regulators are easily panel mounted and designed with a micro seat finish to ensure no reduced pressure creep.

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