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Here is a summary of all products we offer, sorted by brand name.  Just click on a Brand Tab to see all the product categories we carry.  We also include links to product and technical documentation where available for your convenience.


Arrow Pneumatics is a manufacturer of parts and products for the compressed air industry.  At Arrow Pneumatics our business spans from making sintered bronze, FRL's, filtration products, refrigerant air dryers, and regenerative air dryers. Our product offerings can be viewed at the below links.


Filters Info Tech

Arrow sells a wide variety of filtration products:

  • Particulate Filters
  • Adsorbing Filters
  • 2-in-1 Coalescing Filters
  • In-Line Tool Filters
  • Hydraulic In-Line Filters
  • Coalescing Filters
  • Oil Removing Filters
  • In-Line Nipple Filters
  • Air & Oil In-Line Tool Filters
  • Hydraulic In-Line Filter Tee Type
Info Tech
Regulators Info Tech

Regulator varieties:

  • Miniature Regulators
  • Standard Regulators
  • Mid-Flow Regulators
  • High Flow Regulators
Info Tech
Lubricators Info Tech

Arrow sells lubricators that vary in particle size and supported distances:

  • Miniature Fog Lubricators
  • Standard 3 Arrowfog Lubricators
  • Midflow 3 Arrowfog Lubricators
  • Standard 4 Ultrafog Lubricators
  • Midflow 4 Ultrafog Lubricators
  • Arrowick Lubricators
Info Tech


Busch LLC, has become a worldwide leader in vacuum technology in the US since 1975. Busch prides itself in being a complete solution company through designing and manufacturing a wide range of high performance vacuum pumps and systems.

Busch LLC is ISO9001-2000 certified.

R 5 - Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
Designed to deliver superior performance, R 5 series oil lubricated vacuum pumps have proven to be one of the most rugged and reliable pumps available on the world market.

  • proven performance
  • highly reliable
  • easy to service and maintain
  • special versions available
Pumping speed to 1030 CFM; Vacuum to .5 Torr (29.9" Hgv)
Info Tech
COBRA - Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps are designed for process applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum and semiconductor markets.

  • dry-running, non-contacting operation
  • simple, rugged design
  • chemical and non-chemical versions available
  • adaptable for a variety of applications
Pumping speed to 385 CFM; Vacuum to .0075 Torr
Info Tech
Mink - Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps & Compressors Info Tech
Mink series dry-running, non-contacting rotary claw pumps combine performance, reliability and efficiency through innovative design.

  • 100% oil-less compression
  • minimal maintenance
  • high level of efficiency (CFM/BHP)
  • vacuum and pressure versions available
Pumping speed to 325 CFM; Vacuum to 15 Torr (29.3" Hgv); Pressure to 31 PSIG
Info Tech
Merlin - Dry Claw Combination Pressure-Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
Merlin series combination pumps deliver blast air and vacuum simultaneously for applications in the print market.

  • vacuum and pressure simultaneously
  • 100% oil-less compression
  • independent compression stages
  • minimal maintenance
Vacuum to 18" Hgv; Pressure to 15 PSIG
Info Tech
Huckepack - Once Through Sealing Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
Two-stage, once through sealing (OTS) Huckepack vacuum pumps are rugged, dependable performers for demanding process applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical markets.

  • two-stage design
  • high vapor tolerance
  • radiator or direct cooling
  • chemical duty
Pumping speed to 390 CFM; Vacuum to 0.5 Torr (29.9" Hgv)
Info Tech
Seco - Dry Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
Seco oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps have sealed-for-life bearings and self-lubricating carbon composite vanes.

  • economical
  • compact size
  • low maintenance
  • 100% oil-free
Pumping speed to 88 CFM; Vacuum to 74 Torr (27" Hgv)
Info Tech
Samos - Regenerative Blowers Info Tech
Samos regenerative blowers are designed for either vacuum or pressure operation. They are available in single- or two-stage designs to handle a wide range of flow and differential pressure requirements.

  • 100% oil-free operation
  • maintenance free
  • reliable, proven design
  • vacuum and pressure versions available
Pumping speed to 968 CFM; Vacuum to 13.1" Hgv; Pressure to 6.2 PSIG
Info Tech
Dolphin - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are able to pump gases and vapors, as well as entrained liquids. Single and two-stage designs are available, with a wide selection of construction materials.

  • rugged and reliable
  • proven design
  • ideal for wet process applications
  • multiple configurations available
Pumping speed to 2590 CFM; Vacuum to 25 Torr (29" Hgv)
Info Tech
Fossa - Scroll Vacuum Pumps Info Tech
Fossa vacuum pumps feature a non-contacting scroll design that reaches high vacuum and suction capacity with lower power consumption requirements. Fossa pumps are ideally suited for clean, dry applications.

  • efficient
  • maintenance-free
  • reliable
  • quiet
Pumping speed to 21 CFM; Vacuum to 0.01 Torr
Info Tech
Panda - Rotary Lobe Vacuum Boosters Info Tech
Panda rotary lobe vacuum boosters are air-cooled, positive displacement blowers intended for use in conjunction with a backing pump. An internal bypass valve allows operation from atmospheric pressure to end vacuum.

  • high suction capacity
  • internal bypass valve
  • highly reliable
  • minimal maintenance
Pumping speed to 1500 CFM; Differential pressure to 32 Torr
Info Tech
Panther - Rotary Lobe Blowers Info Tech
Panther rotary lobe, positive displacement blowers feature two non-contacting rotors in an oil-free pumping chamber for 100% dry compression.

  • highly reliable
  • economic
  • easy to service and maintain
  • vacuum and pressure versions available
Pumping speed to 6829 CFM; Vacuum to 15" Hgv; Pressure to 15 PSIG
Info Tech
Phenix - Dry Waste Collection System Info Tech
Phenix dry waste systems collect scrap pieces using vacuum created by a three stage centrifugal blower. The unique design, with its suction in the center, allows the removable bin to fill completely with scrap material before needing to be emptied.

  • reliable
  • easy to clean
  • simple connection by means of flexible hoses
Pumping speed to 327 CFM; Differential pressure to 28.5" H20
Info Tech
Vacuum, Gear, Flushing and Bearing Oils Info


Gast Manufacturing, Inc., a unit of IDEX Corp, has been a leader in air moving products since 1921. The company designs and manufactures quality air-moving products and cost-effective solutions for OEMs and end-users world-wide. Gast Manufacturing offers vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology. Whether it's an industrial manufacturing, a health care lab, or an environmental cleanup solution, Gast Manufacturing has a reputation for making quality products to solve any pneumatic problem.

Gast is ISO 9001 certified and also achieved ISO 14001 certification, a commitment to environmentally friendly business practices.
Airmotors & Air-Powered Gearmotors
Info Tech
  • From 1/3 hp to 9 hp, reversible foot, face, NEMA mounting, metric; available in both lubricated and oilless models, stainless steel optional
  • Gearmotors: Ratios from 5:1 to 100:1; available in both lubricated and oilless models, stainless steel optional
Info Tech
Diaphragm Pumps Info Tech
  • Pressure to 60psi, vacuum to 29" hg. To 3.8 cfm; small, quiet source of vacuum or pressure
Info Tech
Oilless Piston Pumps
Info Tech
  • Pressure to 125 psi, Vacuum to 28.5" hg. To 11 cfm; built to withstand the most rugged operating conditions
Info Tech
Regenerative Blowers Info Tech
  • 1/8 hp to 24 hp, 810 cfm, motor mounted, separate drive, dual, staged or parallel; for high volume vacuum or compressed air applications
Info Tech
Rocking Piston Pumps Info Tech
  • Oilless Pressure, Vacuum, 100 psi, 29.5" hg. To 3/8 cfm, standard, twin or miniature styles; outstanding performance and flexibility
Info Tech
Rotary Vane Pumps Info Tech
  • Available in oilless or lubricated, motor-mounted or separate drive, Gast rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps offer a wide choice of capabilities.
Info Tech
Tank Systems Info Tech
  • Pressure and vacuum, single and dual systems to 60 gallons; for an application that requires oil-free air, long life, minimum service, and maximum dependability
Info Tech
Vacuum Generators Info Tech
  • 27 sizes to 27" hg, 158 cfm, pads from 1/8" to 5"; Low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps
Info Tech


Since the introduction of the first compressor in 1958, JUN-AIR has become a leading supplier of quiet compressors. Continuous development of the products and production facilities enables JUN-AIR to maintain an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. This is one of the reasons why JUN-AIR has more than 500,000 satisfied customers all over the world.

Our quiet compressors are designed for a countless number of applications and can be found in laboratories, dental clinics, medical, graphic and industrial applications worldwide.

Clean Air (Oil-less)
Info Tech
OF Series and Lifetime OF Series for extended durability.  Info link also features Data Sheets for all models (click the "more >" link below any product for specs). Info Tech
iSeries (Oil-less)
Info Tech
iSeries is only available as a European 220-240v/50Hz solution.  Info link also features Data Sheets for all models (click the "more >" link below any product for specs). Info Tech
Quiet Air (Lubricated)
Info Tech
Available in 2 models.  Info link also features Data Sheets for all models (click the "more >" link below any product for specs). Info Tech
Quiet Air Model 4 (Lubricated) Info Tech
45db, 4 motor models with tank capacities up to 6.6 gallons. Info link also features Data Sheets for all models (click the "more >" link below any product for specs). Info Tech
Vacuum Info Tech
When a reliable vacuum source is needed, JUN-AIR offers two alternatives: the oil-less vacuum pumps V1000 and V2000 or the new OF300 series - OF301V and OF302V.

A number of non-explosive gases may be evacuated down to 30 mbar vacuum (V1000 & V2000), depending on the choice of model.
Info Tech
Dry Air
Info Tech
To ensure both clean and dry compressed air, JUN-AIR offers three types of dryers: adsorption air dryers, membrane dryers and dryer/filter combinations.  They are – unlike many types of dryers in the market – designed for continuous operation. Info link also features Data Sheets for all models (click the "Data Sheet" links below any product for specs). Info Tech
Clean Air in Cabinets
Info Tech
The oil-less JUN-AIR compressors are available in protective metal cabinets. The cabinets reduce the sound emission from the already quiet oil-free compressor to a level that is approximately one third of the level of basic compressors. Info Tech
Accessories Info Tech
As applications continue to grow, the need for high-quality air and advanced functionality increases.

JUN-AIR has introduced a wide program of accessories for the compressor in order to comply with the requirements of the user, resulting in increased user satisfaction and efficiency: filters, combination filters, automatic drains, and trolleys.
Info Tech
DC Oil-less (Special)
Info Tech
On request, selected oil-less models are available in DC versions, enabling users of automotive equipment to enjoy the traditional JUN-AIR trademarks, such as low noise level and few vibrations. The compact and quiet compressors are suitable for various applications, including advanced control equipment, military vehicles, trams, trains, emergency vehicles and mobile/remote medical and dental equipment. The DC units are not available from stock.
Info Tech


Liquiflo Equipment Company, a division of Picut Industries, has been a manufacturer of gear and centrifugal pumps for the chemical industry since 1972. Liquiflo pumps, made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, alloy-C, alloy-20 and titanium, successfully pump acids, polymers, solvents and caustics as they are ideal for nonabrasive, viscous liquid applications. Liquiflo gear pumps have a simple principle of operation which makes them easy to understand and repair.
Centrifugal Pumps Info Tech
316 Stainless Steel & Alloy-C
Sealed & Mag-Drive

Centrifugal pumps are used to deliver pulseless flows at flow rates higher than are typically achievable with positive displacement pumps.

Liquiflo manufactures two separate families of centrifugal pumps to cover a wide range of chemical applications:  The Centry® Series and the Endura® Series.
Info Tech
Gear Pumps Info Tech
Liquiflo gear pumps are manufactured from high-alloy materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-C and Titanium and a variety of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant internal materials. Liquiflo gear pumps can be configured with packing, single or double mechanical seals or magnetic-drive.  Liquiflo gear pumps are typically used for metering, circulation, transfer and injection applications.

All Liquiflo gear pump models are available in close-coupled configuration. This feature makes installation quick and easy, since it eliminates the need for manual alignment of the pump and motor.

Liquiflo produces five separate series of gear pumps: H-Series, 3-Series, Max®-Series, 4-Series and 2-Series. Each series includes several models in order to suit your particular flow rate.
Info Tech


Saylor-Beall Manufacturing Company has offered American made, industrial grade air compressors since 1915. The efficient design of a Saylor-Beall air compressor, and the company's commitment to quality and precision, result in trouble-free, cost-effective compressor performance. Saylor-Beall products are made of materials selected for their heat resistance and strength and all compressors are available with splash or pressure lubrication.
Air Compressors: Base Mounted
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for manuals Info Tech
Air Compressors: Rotary Screw
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for manuals Info Tech
Air Compressors: Tank Mounted Horizontal
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for manuals Info Tech
Air Compressors: Tank Mounted Vertical
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for manuals Info Tech
Air Compressors: Duplex
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for manuals Info Tech
Pumps Info Tech
All models available in splash or pressure lubricated versions.

Head unloaders available for continuous run applications.
Info Tech


Schulz of America, Inc is the largest and most complete compressor line in Brazil, and has been available in the US since 1984. Its diaphragm, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors of international quality and high technological standards make Schulz an excellent choice. They are certified by the most demanding international quality authorities.

Schulz provides a two year warranty and TEFC motors are standard
Air Compressors
Info Tech
  • Direct Drive
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Low maintenance
  • 1 year warranty
Recommended for: oilless applications, dental offices
Info Tech
Bare Pumps
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for brochure Info Tech
Rotary Screw Compressors
Info Tech
See Product Info link for details; Tech link for brochure Info Tech


For over 60 years, Zero-Max, Inc. has created innovative solutions to servo motion control problems worldwide such as shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and keyless lock bushings. With strategic distribution points located throughout the world, Zero-Max can deliver your motion control solution. The Zero-Max team of application specialists can engineer a solution to meet your motion control requirements.
Gear Boxes, Couplings, Transmissions Info Tech
Click the Product Info link for catalogs; Tech link for Assembly instructions
Info Tech


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